Dr Minesh Patel on How does Smoking Affect your Teeth


There are 26 million smokers in the UK alone. While this number has eventually lessened over the years, there are still a huge number of people who are at risk of dental issues that is gotten from smoking. Tobacco hurts your teeth in a lot of ways. Smoking cigarettes will eventually limit your mouth’s ability to fight infection. This will leave you defenseless to bacteria produced during smoking. When your mouth is weak, plaque and bacteria grow faster.

Increased plaque and bacteria leads to these oral health issues:

Tooth Discoloration

Yellow teeth are the most obvious sign of a smoker. The chemicals in cigarettes stick to the areas of your teeth which causes the teeth to stain over time. Teeth whitening treatments and products can help slow down the yellowing off the teeth but if the smoker continues to consume cigarette it will be impossible to stop or reverse it entirely.

Bad Breath

Cigarette particles stay in the mouth long after a cigarette is finished which causes the breath to smell like tobacco. Besides that, the long-term effects of smoking contribute to halitosis. The over growth of bacteria in the mouth leads to bad breath. Brushing and gargling of mouthwashes will not get rid of the smell since prolonged smoking will result to gum diseases, oral sores and decays. The only way to cure the bad breath is to stop smoking and ask the help of a dentist to address the issues caused by smoking.

Gum Diseases

Studies show that smokers are twice as prone to gum diseases than those who do not smoke. The risk of having gum diseases increase with every cigarette that you smoke. This is because smoking decreases your mouth’s ability to fight bacteria. This allows bacteria to build on the teeth and gums. If this is left untreated, gums will pull away from the tooth leading to the mouth’s bon structure to weaken. The most worse kind of gum disease is periodontitis. Having periodontitis will cause the teeth to fall out.

Oral Cancer

The most severe effect of smoking is cancer. The risk of developing oral cancer is doubled when smoking is combined with heavy drinking. Oral cancer begins as a red patch in the mouth that is accompanied with difficulty on chewing and swallowing, numbness of the mouth and pain in the ear.
A dentist can give a treatment plan to help lessen the issues brought about by smoking but the only way to avoid them completely is to stop smoking. Oral health issues are only one of the parts of the body affected by smoking. Quit smoking to have a healthier life in the future.

If you encounter these kinds of diseases, consult Dr. Minesh Patel to help you recover from the effects of smoking. Find out more about dental health on the Dr Minesh Patel Bedford website here and Dr Minesh Patel Bedford VisualCV here. You can also learn more about Dr Minesh Patel Bedford work and career on his Soundcloud page here.

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