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Snoring and How to Stop It

Snoring occurs when the vibration of respiratory tissues produces sound when a person is sleeping. Although snoring is firstly a social problem, studies tend to show that it is much more than an annoyance.  the risk to suffer from hypertension increases by 40%, by 34% to have a heart attack, and by 67% to have a stroke, compared to people who do not snore. These results suggest clinicians should take snoring a lot more seriously.

A series of oral devices or mouthpieces are now available and can be fitted by a dentist that will address your snoring problems by preventing the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep thereby preventing the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring.
Such a custom-made mouth piece is made from impressions taken of your teeth to ensure they fit you comfortably. Made from a hard wearing plastic, the mouthpiece is worn at night and works by holding the bottom jaw in a slightly forward position. This position opens up your airway significantly allowing you to breathe better and as a result sleep better too.

Speak to Dr Minesh Patel today about how your snoring problem can be addressed.
Dr Minesh Patel recently gained a Master’s Degree in Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry from the elite Manchester University. He gained the difficult to achieve merit pass and the highest achiever prize.

Dr Minesh was also bestowed the highly prestigious award for the highest mark in a complex clinical case in the whole year. The entries comprised of 60 expert dentists throughout the world in the field of Restorative dentistry. This award was given by the dean of Manchester dental school.Learn more about Dr Minesh Patel dentistry work by watching the below video:

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