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Dr Patel is a principal of Chrysalis dental practice in Watford and Bedford for for 27 years. He also has a special interest in sinus ridge augmentation and the rehabilitation of compromised dentitions. He has also instilled a culture of constant learning in the practice and all his dental associate colleagues are on postgraduate programmes to Master’s level. Dr Patel is has been practising density for many years and safety is his number one priority. If you are due to undertake an extraction here some points you should consider:

There are various normal complications that can occur despite all efforts
to the contrary as a result of the extraction(s) which include but are not limited to:
• Allergic reaction to medications or anaesthetics used in the extraction process
• Pain, swelling, infection, bruising, bleeding
• Stiffness of the adjoining or nearby muscles
• Numbness – There is the possibility of injury to the nerves of the face or tissues of the oral cavity during the administration of anaesthetics or during the extraction, which may cause a numbness of the lips, tongue, tissues of the mouth and/or facial tissues. This numbness is usually temporary but may be permanent.
• Fracture of the root tips, which may also result in the root tips being left in place or displacement of the root tip into the sinuses and/or spaces nearby
• Dry sockets, aspiration and/or swallowing of foreign objects
• Damage to adjacent teeth and/or restorations

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